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Ray Norton, 351 Days in Da Nang, Vietnam, Monkey Mountain, Camp Tien Sha



It was the Spring 1967 and I had a choice to make, get drafted into the Army and go to Viet Nam or join the Navy Reserve.  I joined the Navy Reserve and went to Viet Nam anyway.   I was land based in Da Nang.  I was not in the bush and am grateful that I wasn't.  I have nothing but respect for those that were.  I was a guard for Tien Sha Peninsula Security division.  I was later assigned to the Monkey Mountain Patrol.  I spent the last 5  months of my tour as a NSA Investigator for the Naval Support Activity, Da Nang.  I experienced rocket attacks, an ammunition dump explosion, total boredom, drug busts, police raids, China Beach, and the birth of my daughter, Rebecca.  I also made life long friends.


Tour:  August 2, 1969 through July 17, 1970

351 Days in Da Nang

Monkey Mountain, China Beach, Da Nang, Camp Tien Sha, Vietnam

The Monkey Mountain Patrol.  The mountain is in the background.  We looked a lot more hard corps than we were.  I am on the far left.

"Da Nang, Camp Tien Sha, Vietnam"

I took this photo from the stern of YFU 80 which was docked at SCRF, looking across Da Nang harbor at sunset.

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