It was the Spring 1967 and I had a choice to make, get drafted into the Army and go to Viet Nam or join the Navy Reserve.  I joined the Navy Reserve and went to Viet Nam anyway.   I was land based in Da Nang.  I was not in the bush and am grateful that I wasn't.  I have nothing but respect for those that were.  I was a guard for Tien Sha Peninsula Security division.  I was later assigned to the Monkey Mountain Patrol.  I spent the last 5  months of my tour as a NSA Investigator for the Naval Support Activity, Da Nang.  I experienced rocket attacks, an ammunition dump explosion, total boredom, drug busts, police raids, China Beach, and the birth of my daughter, Rebecca.  I also made life long friends.


Tour:  August 2, 1969 through July 17, 1970

351 Days in Da Nang

The Monkey Mountain Patrol.  The mountain is in the background.  We looked a lot more hard corps than we were.  I am on the far left.

I took this photo from the stern of YFU 80 which was docked at SCRF, looking across Da Nang harbor at sunset.